The Baresi Institute is dedicated to improving quality of life and social inclusion for people with rare diseases, disabilities or other minority groups. We believe that this will help create a better world for all. We act based on the priciples of ethics, inclusion, acessibility and social participation.

Based on those values, we:
The Insitute is named after Italian priest Giampietro Baresi, for his efforts in promoting social justice and inclusion.

  • Provide administrative, legal, social and communications development support for associations
  • Support the criation of special focus groups for specific situations such as a particular disease, disability or other condition
  • Act as an information hub on rare disease and disabilities for associations, midia and society in general
  • Work to straighten ties between associations and hospitals, universities and government healthcare, to improve care, promote cientific research and mapping of these conditions in Brazil
  • Facilitate professional, social and educational opportunities for these individuals, both nationally and internationally
  • Develop support strategies for family and friends of individuals with rare disease and disabilities

Contact the Baresi Institute


E-mail Contact:

Please note that we are unable to open unexpected e-mail attachments. If you must send us an attachment, please notify us first.

For general questions about Baresi Institute and our services, please contact: instituto.baresi@gmail.com



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